A Letter to a Wealthy Capatalist

Dear capitalist, I would like you to imagine you are a child in a school and it is lunchtime. You are out in the playground and all the children including yourself are hungry. Unfortunately you and your peers are poor and will have to wait for dinnertime to eat, all except little Jimmy. Little Jimmy has an entire tray filled with sandwiches of all different kinds, cheese; meet vegetables and everything in between. Even though little Jimmy is overweight, there is still no way he would be able to eat the hundreds of fresh sandwiches provided to him. Unfortunately Jimmy Is greedy and would rather be the child who has most sandwiches in the playground even though they will go to waste, then share his food with his hungry classmates. Needless to say the other children consider Jimmy to be a greedy little shit and subsequently Jimmy is an unhappy loner and has not a single friend.

I hope the obvious implications in this analogy are simple and clear, dear capitalist. However since we have started, let us follow a little deeper down the rabbit hole.

At this stage in the story (assuming you have a grain of decency and ability to reason) you probably are blaming little Jimmy for being greedy and hording all these sandwiches to himself even though he himself cannot finish them all much less does he need them being overweight as he is. Unfortunately Jimmy is a victim of conditioning by his parents and general culture that the more sandwiches he can show to have in the playground, the more worthy a human being he is. Jimmy takes this notion for granted as his parents and other sandwich hording families he is acquainted with and does not question why this may not be okay. Unfortunately for Little Jimmy, he is sad and depressed and does not understand why no one in the playground likes him for even the ones that are nice to him, he knows, are only so in hope that Jimmy will offer them a bite of his delicious fresh sandwich.

At this stage you have undoubtedly established that this is all Jimmy’s fault as he is just plane silly and should know better. But here comes the twist-This dear capitalist is a story about you and your own irrational and morally corrupt values. You see, you my friend are little Jimmy-a greedy, self- absorbed little twat who at the detriment to himself and others gets a kick out of hording things that others need.

At this point you are panicking and racking your brain for a defense that might distinguish you from little Jimmy. You are even giving me some spill about individual freedoms and your rights to pursue them to which I ask you this; How exactly does hording things you do not need while your peers (as a direct consequence) die of deprivation right under your nose equate to our collective freedom again? Hmmm it doesn’t-I hear the light bulb finally go on in your head because freedom in its true form has very little to do with material possession.

The hard truth, dear capitalist (that everyone else is too scared to fill you in on) is this;

It is a mathematical fact that your hording of possessions and money to feed your greed and meaningless status is at the direct expense to other people’s primary needs being met.

You are, (despite what you are being told by your like minded friends) directly depriving people of having enough food and water to survive and thus contributing to the violence of poverty which leaves your fellow humans to die day in an out, because you refuse to share the things you do not need. Let me make it really clear for you; there can and never will be honor in creating this impact and this morally starved behavior ought to be shamed not encouraged and much less awarded.

To your defense, we live in a world where people are praised for this behavior so like little Jimmy thinks he is behaving in accordance with his parents advice; so too do you blindly go along with what is fed to you by popular culture. As a single member of a large herd heading in the wrong direction, I partly excuse you, but only by a fraction because frankly you, like little Jimmy should know better. You are an adult and its time to get your head out of your arse as unfortunately for you and everyone involved; the ill culture we live in will not be enough to silence your consciousness or makes you any less of a parasite.

You see, like you, little Jimmy will one day become the man who gets all the girls and is privileged with fame and glory for being an absolute twat but in reality none of this will make him feel truly alive or frankly like any less of a twat. Adults do not see this as they are too brainwashed which is why little Jimmy had to be a child in a playground to demonstrate my point. You see children are pure and unspoiled by the cultural illusions we as young adults are subjected to and would reject little Jimmy’s bad behavior outright.

By this stage I’m hoping you would too. So, dear capitalist I ask you, please, please, realize the error of your ways and stop contributing to the greed, intolerance, warfare and poverty which you have in your ignorance and self obsession unintentionally created on our beautiful planet.

It is not that simple! I hear you say in which case please re-read the first part of this letter again and I know you will realize it is exactly that simple.


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