The Persuit of Inner Peace


Growing up, we are given the impression that happiness is the ultimate goal to reach in life. The pursuit of happiness as an end goal and the idea that we should be experiencing this state of being more than any other in the face of such adversity that is our lives ultimately sets the bar so high that failure to achieve this is inevitable. Having experienced true peace during my life time made me re think the pursuit of happiness and whether we should perhaps be more concerned with finding internal peace. It made me wonder whether this idea of “happy” was yet another myth in the sea of many others brought to us by mainstream culture; Walt Disney and Hollywood.

For those people who are brave enough to be true to themselves; and to participate in life wholeheartedly will know that happiness comes in fleeting moments. They will also know that this is okay because there is something else in the place of this feeling that is more robust; fulfilling and consistent than happiness. This is feeling is a sense of peace.

This sense of peace is a persisting inner strength that remains unaffected by the external world. It allows a person to experience highs and lows of their life as an observer or passenger who is ultimately peaceful looking in rather than the carrier of these emotions. Even when things are at their worst, somehow they are still pretty great. A sadness experienced by a person who is at peace is nothing like the sadness experienced by a person who is not. When a person finally finds themselves being true to their needs and acting upon these, they are living out their personal truth. This ability to love your truth and live by it is what brings about and unshakeable peace within each of us.

Choosing to move to London in the middle of the Global financial crisis on my own was not the easy road to take, especially when my own father suggested I might be out of my mind the night before I was due to fly out. However, I felt it needed to be done even though I had no idea why. For lack of a better expression; it just felt right.

While my two years in London were by no means a walk in the park (As my father rightfully predicted); this journey lead me to find an inner peace; to truly learn what it’s like to create a world so magical inside oneself that nothing can interfere. I learned that to feel true freedom and independence from everything and everyone I knew and to start over with only my own standards to live by was my personal path to peace. In the end not only did I make a life for myself, by myself; but one I was truly content with. For the first time in my life I was exactly where I wanted to be and it didn’t matter whether I was always happy all the time or not because this feeling of complete peace was more than I could have ever hoped for. I now understand that I needed to move to London to learn this very lesson.

Peace of mind comes with giving ourselves the permission to be our true authentic self despite external pressures to be something else. Making the decision to live by your own standards is never going to be the easy road to take for most, but it is always the one that brings about peace.


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